Alli Arnold's ST. PEEPS are here.

Alli Arnold ST PEEPS 150.jpg

Do you live in St. Petersburg? Are you a snowbird? Do you just like manatees and lizards? Whatever the case, celebrate your PEEPS of all shapes, sizes and colors with this friendly and fun teeshirt by Alli Arnold. Order your teeshirt on this very site under BUY A TEE SHIRT.

Phil has spoken!

Alli Arnold Leave Phil Alone.jpg

Punxsutawney Phil has spoken and said there will be six more weeks of winter. Fine by me! Ima just get back in bed and pull up the covers and go back to sleep, cozily, for the foreseeable future...

Shuffle off to St. Petersburg...

Here it is, my brand new patch for the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club.

My inspiration for this winter patch was snowglobes, flamingos, scarves, and the beautiful white lights dotted across the grass green shuffleboard courts. All Shuffleboard Club members will receive this patch for free when they sign up for the winter league.

Thank you, St. Pete Shuffleboard Club, for asking me to contribute art to your historic organization!